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  2. We'll turn them into a spoken audio podcast just for you.
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Sign up to get started. generates a personalized podcast feed for you to listen to. You let it know about articles you'd like to read later. When you do, it adds a spoken version of the article to your feed for you to listen to whenever your ears are free. I recommend you try listening to this page with the audio player below to see how you like it.

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I use every day, and want to share it with more people. I used to skim the headlines of a lot of essays online. I wanted to read them, but I always had an excuse not to. When I'd use other read-it-later services, articles would pile up because I didn't make time to sit down and read. is different. With my previous attempts at using read-it-later services, I'd never make time to read through my queue. I've already built up the habit of checking my podcast app for a new podcast, so I never forget about it.

Podcasts are a big part of my life — they let me listen to thoughtful, interesting content during my commute and while I'm doing chores. doesn't replace podcasts, but it augments the podcast experience, adding another set of things to listen to in your podcast player.

There are so many amazing long form articles I never would have read if it weren't for ListenLater.

Adding new things to listen to is simple. When you're on a computer, the easiest way to add new articles is through our browser extensions. When you're on your phone and want to add an article, it's simple to share an article via email. You can also use our bookmarklet to add new articles.

Listening's a breeze. You get your own custom podcast feed, that you can subscribe to in any podcast app. Anything you send to will be kept there for you to listen to on your own time. is free to try forever. You can download up to 5 articles each month, completely free. If you'd like to download more than that, costs $36/year to add as many articles as most users can listen to. I wish I could charge less, but cloud based text-to-speech isn't cheap, and this is as low as I can go without running at a loss. I hope you understand.

I made to scratch my own itch, and found it was extremely useful. I hope you do too.

— Christine

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